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Professional Risk Associated With Property Professionals

Introduction Lonsdale Insurance Brokers Ltd are Lloyd’s brokers specialising in servicing the insurance needs of property professionals. The following paper provides an update on the modern day risks associated with UK property professionals and how the current UK professional indemnity insurance (PI) market is responding. Business Closures And Run Off Cover Since our report of […]

Professional Negligence

Oliver Wharmby, of Lonsdale Insurance Brokers, discusses the professional risks
associated with letting and managing residential property.

‘Serial litigants’ making more claims against agents, warning

An insurance specialist has warned of a rise in claims made against agents because of the number of people trying their luck via ‘ambulance chasers’ – with some complainants being regular users of ‘no win, no fee’ law firms. Oliver Wharmby, who deals with a number of agents via his firm Lonsdale Insurance Brokers, warned: […]

Insurance is a crucial element to ensure the protection of one’s business

Many businesses are preoccupied with profit margins that they can neglect vital factors which help maintain the success of their company. The management of one’s risk is a vital factor. Identifying ones risk exposure and ensuring that systems are in place to mitigate potential threats is crucial. Because franchising covers so many different industry sectors, […]

Help, I’ve got a leak!

This is the time of year when, as the cold weather hits, we crank up the boiler and water leaks can make an unwelcome appearance. So if your plumbing springs a leak, what do you do? Are you covered by your household insurance?

Cyber Crime Has Reached New Threatening Levels

Rarely does a day go by without an article in the press relating to another cyber attack. Unfortunately, nobody is immune to cyber crime and we all need to be aware of how we can protect our online presence. One of the biggest issues is the shift from offline to online business. The explosive growth […]