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Broker Services Department

Digital services image | Lonsdale Insurance Brokers | Broker Services DepartmentOur Broker Services Department is headed by Michael Calver.

In today’s modern and fast changing insurance market it is essential that the processing and servicing of insurance contracts is carried out efficiently and correctly to the latest standards.

Lonsdale Insurance Brokers Limited has a dedicated team to ensure premiums are processed to Insurers within agreed terms; the speedy issuance of contract documentation to our clients and the resolution of any subsequent queries. The department ensures all market changes and new standards are implemented across the company and works very closely with our accounts department and all broking areas.

In addition, Lonsdale Insurance Brokers Limited has adopted the latest London market initiatives for DRI electronic premiums to the Insurers Market Repository and the implementation of e-policies.

Contact Details:

Jane Kerner
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Tel: 0203 713 3885