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Claims Department

Photo of shattered glass | Lonsdale Insurance Brokers | Claims DepartmentLonsdale understand their Clients need to have a prompt and efficient claims service. As such we have established an experienced claims team to ensure that all claims are presented in a manner which recognises this.

From first advice to resolution of the file, Lonsdale allow our Clients to transfer the burden of handling, negotiation and control of the claim to our team.

Our team has maintained a network of contacts with both national and international service providers to enable us to streamline the process to the benefit of all parties.

We ask that prompt notice of any incident, which may give rise to a claim, be provided as soon as possible to ensure timely notification to Insurers. The claims team is happy to act as advisers to add value to any situation, should it be required, to assist in mitigating any claim.

Should you wish to discuss any claims matters, please do not hesitate to contact our claims department.

Contact Details:

Jack Marson – Claims Manager
Email Jack Marson
Tel: 0207 816 0028